Kulima is Swahili for cultivate


We cultivate underserved communities and individuals to improve their built environment through areas of civic engagement, education, and co-designing programs and processes; to develop just, equitable, healthy, and joyful and culturally abundant places.


“Our goal working with young people is to teach, inspire and mentor future visionary minds and civic leaders.”

— Kulima Founder, Prescott Reavis

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Kulima is an Oakland based community design + planning practice, empowering everyday citizens of all ages to use their collective knowledge and voices to shape the physical environment to their visions by engaging them in their spaces.

We implement a two-way education process to understand the root problems, and we co-create inclusive solutions through participatory planning and design. We develop the next generation of youth spatial activists through customized community planning, architecture, and design programs in collaboration with non-profits, community based organizations, governmental agencies, and schools throughout the U.S.